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Euan Coleman

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Hi Guys,


Looking to see if i can get a bit of help or a suggestion on the email templates.


I have started making better use of these but would ideally like to remove a large number of them that we don't use however only seem to have an option of deleting any new templates that are made and none of the existing. Is there a way i can either delete or archive the existing ones to reduce the number that appear on the dropdown?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Euan Coleman

Thanks for your post.  I had a look at this and it does appear that email templates that have never been edited, don't seem to have the option to delete the template.  These unedited template normally have a white background within the list.  

Could you try modifying one of the email templates that you wish to delete, and after saving it see if you can then have access to the check-box to select and then delete.  

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Hi James,


Hope you are well.


I have tried to edit these but when i then try delete them it only reverts it back to the original template and still wont let me either archive or delete this. Any other suggestions or work arounds here?


Thanks again


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