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Autotask - Reminder

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I'm putting together a process to enable call owners to set reminders on calls.

Now before I commit this, I just want to pass it by the experts as I have an inkling it's gonna do something terrible.

Essentially it checks to see if the current date is one day older than the date the process is initiated. If not, it loops around continually checking until it is thereby concluding the process.

Is that loop gonna be deleterious to the service?



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We have safeguards to prevent catastrophic looping - I believe the least impactful outcome is that every Request with this process will error.

I'd normally say we strongly recommend not doing this, but in this case I'll say "Just don't!"


Is there any reason you can't use a Suspend -> Wait for Request Update with an expiry of 1 day?

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Ok, now I have some very strange behaviour.

Once the suspend timer ends, the call is automatically resolved, but it isn't... There's nothing in the timeline; even the resolution text box shows as waiting for a response.

The auto task in no way references or calls for resolution to be performed.


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Interestingly, the request still shows as open on the request list.

What on earth is going on? It doesn't do this if I place the call on hold instead of suspending it. So there must be something odd in the process doing this.

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