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Linked assets not showing?

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We have assets linked to other assets...

So, if I open an asset (in this case a software token asset) which I know is linked to a software Master token, I can see that there is a link:





However, if I click and open the linked asset, there is no link BACK to the original asset:





I'm pretty sure the link should work both ways?! Am I missing something?



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Hi @Paul Alexander

the link should work both ways, yes, and we're unable to replicate the issue.
I think this has been fixed already and the fix should be in the next build.

May I ask to try again after the next build ? It should be available tomorrow.
If the problem still persists then we need to investigate on your instance.




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Hi @ArmandoDM

I've tried unlinking and relinking but that didn't LOOK like it worked either....

However, if I try to link the other way (in this case from the Master to the token) I get the message that the two assets are already linked, so it looks like it's a display problem?

One of the linked assets is also linked to a Closed request - could that be causing the issue? I have tried sliding the option to include these requests, but maybe it's because an asset is linked to an asset which is linked to a closed request? I dunno....but this DID used to work and show the links up until a couple of weeks ago



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While we're at it, is there a way of defaulting this 'include closed and cancelled requests' switch to 'on' please?

All of our requests will be Closed, and whenever we look for assets linked to requests we ALWAYS now have to make sure we switch this switch! :)




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