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Can we get the option to style how the Services pages look so that they can match the widgets on Portal Homepage etc please, moving from one page to another is a bit disjointed looking? 

At the moment we can change settings for changing Portal background colour on homepage and the background on widgets can be changed to a different colour to make them stand out, but when you get into other pages like the Services pages or the forms screens where users fill in requests, the whole background is the same colour as the main portal homepage background and it looks pretty poor.  This would look so much better if we could set a different background colour for capture forms area and other screens within the portal.  




The screen below would look much better if we had the same light blue background but the form area sat inside white background to make it stand out


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Hi @Damien Lynn,

Thank you for your suggestion. We have a planned change that will add customization options to the service view. However what you are requesting here is simply to improve the service and progressive capture one to adopt better the style defined in the Employee Portal management view. I think we can do better there however there are some problematic areas like the green colour of the OK icon (in your last screenshot. If the user chooses to use green as background then you won't see the icon. Or the red colour of the error field. For all this we need more customizations to allow you to change these, making everything more complicated.

We will look in to this, but I'm afraid there will be some limitation.

I'll keep you updated on this.



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