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Define the same person as multiple connections


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Good afternoon,

As part of the latest version of our New Starter process, we need to be able to define the New Manager, Budget Holder, Same Access As user etc. as connections, but I'm facing a problem where the new manager could also be the budget holder as well as the person to copy the same access as to the new starter...  I cannot add them multiple times for different Connection Types to a single request, especially via the Business Process.

I would like to request an enhancement to enable the same person to be added as connection's multiple times for different types, either displaying each connection type next to their name, or displaying the person multiple times in the connections list.

Not everyone may want this, so I would also like to request there be a flag, whether it's per Service or a global setting to allow this functionality to be enabled/disabled.

Now, I'm not sure what else to do to get this working... as I don't want to have to create new connection types for the different combinations, as we cannot disable connection types per service, as it will clutter everything else.



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