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Remove the ability to amend questions for the Service Request Full Access role

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Hi All

One of our teams has a requirement where no one in the team should be able to change the questions in a request for audit purposes - both basic and full users.

Basic Users in the team are already restricted to only be able to update the details tab, but I am unsure which role in the full role covers the ability to amend questions. When comparing the full to lower level access I can see a few different roles but nothing jumps out around questions. Is it possible to strip out the ability to amend questions here?

Many thanks

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Hi Adrian,

The Service Request Full Access roles is as it says.  It give full rights.  This role is recommended for line managers, team leaders, service managers, etc.  We wouldn't want to change this as it would affect other customers that use it in this way.  You may want to look at having these users set with just the Service Request User role, and if there are some extra bits that they need access to, you can create a custom role to contain these.

Giving regular service desk staff the Full Access role may put you in a position where they are able to bypass certain aspects of a process.  https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Roles

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Thanks James, I did suspect the qustions amendment function sits within that role. We will look to grant lower level access instead as a solution 

Many thanks as always

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