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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

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Hi all,

Logged onto the success portal today and notice the look of the home screen is very nice.

Are these setting, icons etc available to use on our Hornbill platform so I can imitate some parts of this to our portal.


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Hi @Mark (ESC),

Most icons will be available except from some custom ones. You either search in the icon picker or if you prefer have a better look at all the available icons we have, we use a library called font-awesome. https://fontawesome.com/v5/search

Some other areas will be more difficult to mimic such as the "All My Requests / All My Services" but you won't have that option anyway as you will see the widget itself. 

You won't be able to make it 100% the same, but you can reach a similar style and layout.



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