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Updated version of Service Manager Request Importer warning, but version not present on GitHub - V1.11.0

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@Steve G

We are receiving an warning when using Service Request Import Tool version 1.10.0 saying it is no longer the latest version and that we should be using v1.11.0. However on the former version appears to be available on GitHub. Can you advise?

Just wondering if this is related to the LastUpdated issue we are having (see post link below)?







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Hi @Martyn Houghton,

v1.11.0 is a pre-release - it has dependencies on the build of Service Manager which is due for release at some point this week. As soon as Service Manager is in live, we will release 1.11.0. I'll have a look at the code that checks the release version, as that should not include pre-release builds.



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