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Published AutoTask not showing

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We've added and autotask, and published it (as below - see the Test MS Flow Trigger task): 



However, when I try to add this to a custom button, it's not showing as an available option:





Am I doing something wrong? Is there a limit on the amount of tasks which will show in this list (there are currently 10 available showing in the 'select' list above, but 11 in the ACTUAL list)?





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I've just added a new AutoTask, and made the name of it AAA-Test and this task DOES show in the 'select autotask' list, but the 'remove from Daily Triage' autotask (in the graphic above) does NOT show. So I think that this is a 'drop down list' limit problem - looks like it's set to 10 items, with no scroll bar?



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I have found it sometimes takes quite a while for a saved and published AutoTask to become available in the Custom Button drop-down selection. I think there's some caching issues. You may also have hit a limit of 10 items but a delay is also possible.

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Hello All,

I have added 2 autotasks and published it. but when i try to add this to a custom button i cannot see any of autotasks. What I 'm doing wrong?

Best regards




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HI @TrevorHarris

Eurgh....well I just KNEW that would happen! :D

The 'available Autotask' list IS now working as expected, with all of the tasks showing. I'm using Chrome, but I swear that, up until a couple of hours ago there were only 10 items in the list, and I had to create the autotask name with an 'early alphabet (a,aa, ab etc) name to make it show in the list straight away.

Maybe it's a caching issue - I'll keep an eye on it though. 





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