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Image Library - using images in emails

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Just wanted to say it is excellent to see the Image Library live in the system - thank you for taking this on board and rolling out this change.

I know in the demo video it showed how we can change the image in any portal configuration with a new drop down selector where we can either carry on referencing our external image library link, or we can use the internal Image Library going forward. However, what I am unsure of is how to configure these images within an email template? I have checked the image configuration in the email template builder, and it just appears we can only insert a URL here so I can only insert the link to our external images.

I wanted to check if the Library is setup so we can also use these images in the email templates please, or is the library only available for using images in the Portals?

Many thanks

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

Thanks for your post.  My first thoughts on this is that emails will be sent outside of Hornbill, so in order for this to work, the recipient would need access to the images that are stored on Hornbill.  I don't believe that these images would be available without secure access to Hornbill.  There may be plans to change this, but I also believe that a new editor might be looked at for the email templates that would allow you to embed images directly into the templates.  I'll let you know if I come across anything new that I can add to this.



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