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Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

I am unsure if anyone has come across this with the banners. 

On the landing page we have a banner to link direct to the Services we are highlighting, and in this banner we normally have some text advising the customer to click on the link above.

However, when they use the link and open the Service, the actual catalogue items are below, so the banner text becomes confusing as the text still indicates click above, but of course the catalogue items are below. Are there any options to control this further at all please other than having some text indicating on the front page you click the link above, but once in the service click the links below? It just doesn't feel like clear advice and appears to be creating some confusion.

Just wanted to see how others handle this? And to see if we can get a different banner config maybe once a customer is in the Service after using the link in the landing page banner?

Many thanks !

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

Thanks for raising this, it's an interesting question. Right now we don't have any functionality relating to Bulletins that would immediately resolve the issue you have. The way this has been designed is for the Home Page Bulletin widget to display a carousel of ALL Bulletins, but when you go into specific services, the bulletin will still be displayed but only the one(s) relating to the service you are viewing. 

I can see the issue you have however. There are a few requests that have been raised by users which may assist towards this scenario in the future - involving more customisation of the Service screen.
In the meantime, the only other potential idea would be to not use a Bulletin widget on the home page, and instead use something like the Text widget or maybe even the links widget to guide people directly to the Service itself, which WOULD be showing the bulletin. Links widgets can incorporate an image - so maybe it could be design in a such a way to provide the information to your users that you are currently displaying in the bulletin? It's a long shot, but other than that I'm not sure there is much more you can do at the moment other than re-wording the content of your bulletin. 



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Hi Bob,

Thank you for the comments - I did not consider using some of the other widgets on the front page to highlight these Services, so this sounds like a good solution to remove the confusion in the wording in the banner. If we move to a link or text widget and the banner just shows in the service I can then amend the wording in the banner to make more sense.

Of course if there are further options offered on this configuration in the future that would be great. in the interim I will look at the text / link widgets for now

Many thanks as always !



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