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How to assign a ticket to a [role: team leader]

Daniella R. Goral

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Good day,

is there a node, or combination of nodes which would allow my Business Process to not only assign to a specific team, but directly to whomever is listed as Team Leader, or Manager? I am aware of assigning to a manually selected Team, however I would like whomever is the Team Leader at the time to get the ticket assignment automatically.



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@Daniella R. Goral

To assign a request to a specific team you can use the "Assign To Team" node. You can use variables here or a workflow sequence with decisions and have the node assign to a specific team in each branch... 

Once the request has been assigned to the team you can make use of the Get Request Information -> Team Details node. This will return the user ID for the user that is currently set as a team leader (among other values). Then have another assign node, the "Assign To Owner" and set the owner as variable using the team leader ID variable. Same logic if you want the team manager as owner.


Now, if you are to assign the request to an owner, then "Assign To Team" previous node is (now) redundant. This is because "Assign To Owner" also needs a value for the team, so the team can be set here as well, there is no need to have the previous "Assign To Team".

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