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Email sender name has changed on some templates

Sam P

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I have observed a change in the Sender of some of the automated email templates over the last couple of weeks or so, yet I dont believe any settings have been changed.   Emails to end users seem to be OK (request logged / closed etc) but emails sent to analysts now show "noreply" instead of our dedicated mailbox.  

NB.  We were using a "noreply" mailbox at the very beginning of our switch-on but the new one has been in place at least since July.  Last known to be working correctly: 20/10/2021 although may be later than that.

I have checked the settings below - is there anywhere else I should check?

guest.app.requests.notification.emailMailbox is correct
The shared mailbox to use when sending email notifications from the instance 

guest.app.requests.notification.emailPrefixDisplayName is correct
The display name to use when sending application generated email notifications from the instance


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@Sam P the "noreply" is the default email prefix value for emails sent via direct outbound method, so it depends what notifications are those that your analysts received from "noreply". Have a look on our wiki here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Notification_Settings. This explains the two methods of sending email notifications (direct outbound and via a mailbox), how they are set and how they work and what notifications are using (each of) them. It also given information about each app setting for notifications.

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@Victor thanks for the link.  The templates in question are my equivalent/renamed versions of (there may be more but I have not tested everything): 

AnalystEmailUpdateNotification (updated here: guest.app.requests.notification.emailTemplate.analystUpdateFromEmail) and 
AnalystFeedbackSubmittedNotification (updated here: guest.app.requests.notification.emailTemplate.analystFeedbackSubmitted)

From your explanation and from the Wiki I understand these to use the direct method.  From the wiki page I have checked guest.app.requests.notification.emailMailbox is correct, guest.app.requests.notification.emailDomain is also correct, guest.app.requests.notification.emailPrefix is correct too and guest.app.requests.notification.emailPrefixDisplayName is also correct, meaning that guest.app.requests.notification.emailPrefix@guest.app.requests.notification.emailDomain matches my email address perfectly.

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