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What does 'Show in Organisation Structure' switch mean?

Frank Reay

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@James AinsworthJust came across this in my travels...

User Account - Hornbill

A user can also be assigned a primary/home organisation. When in the Organisation tab you can select an organisation of type "Company" and on doing so the button to "Set Home organisation" will enable. Click on this button will set the selected organisation as the user primary/home organisation. . This can be useful when you need to report on users that belong to a certain "Home Organisation". In the future some apps may use the users assigned home organisation to provide "application" functionality (In this case please refer to the application wiki you are interested in).

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Hi Frank,

The home organisation is for something a little different.  This is currently in use. It works with the Employee Portal for when you have multiple companies that sit within a single organisation.  You can create different branded pages within the Employee Portal for each company. Setting the home organisation for a user will direct that user to their company page.  



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