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Adding Spare Fields per Service

Sam P

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Hi everyone

The Extra Details form on the main page for each Service only allows me to add Custom Field A - F... I wanted to add Custom Field K.  Is my only option to do this for each incident and each service request separately under each service? 

Thanks in advance


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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @Sam P

I think that there are only custom fields A-F in the Services table:



The Incident data will be in a separate table, and isn't relevant to the Service. 


From what you've described I think that you're asking about adding custom fields to an INCIDENT record, rather than the Service record?

If that's the case, then the place to do this is in the Config tab of the Service, then select the TYPE (incident, Service Request etc) of request you want to update, and choose the 'View Details Form. That's where you'll find all of the custom fields in the Requests table':






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