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Routing emails based on team or job title

Mark Priest

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Been looking at the email routing templates. Is there a way to route emails sent to the service desk via job title / function or department. Know you can do it by sender but we have over 200 people in one department that is constantly changing . I have tried with key words in the email such as in the signature but the signatures get stripped out maybe because we use Code 2 for email signatures so cant really use that method.


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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your post.   For the most part, the email routing rules simply analyzes the content of the email and processes the email based on this.  There is a lot that you can do with the content using rule expressions, which is documented here. It doesn't do any further lookups in Hornbill that would compare details of the sender to what is stored in Hornbill. 

I'm assuming that you want a particular Email Request Template to be used by a specific department.  Most of the things that can be set using the Email Request Templates can also be set by the BPM once the ticket has been created.   You may find that you have a lot more power and flexibility to update and drive the new ticket after it has been created.  The only thing you can't do in the BPM is change the request type, say from Incident to Request.

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