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Multi-action box on Request list disappears when selecting second ticket and therefore we cannot use it


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When in a Request list, you can tick a ticket in the left column and this little box appears:


The purposes is to update multiple tickets with one action as stated:


But as soon as I select the second of my list of tickets, the box disappears!

image.png.50e9da92f07f42d27d967ccc74fb4f80.png   image.png.612f8efe36a0afb5e266f41a3ded486f.png


So we cannot use this function. Are we doing something wrong? BTW we are selecting only tickets of the same type if that matters.

Anyone offer any suggestions or do we have an application issue here?






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@Berto2002 As mentioned on the wiki page: "By default the multi-select options will only be available when selecting requests of the same type (Incidents, Changes etc), and those logged against the same Service. This is designed to support the fact that different business processes, logic and support teams may be applied to different Services."



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