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Emails no longer included in timeline when filter is used.


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I'm seeing an issue since the latest update (Build 2223) whereby if you use the timeline filter to filter out all the 'noise', email updates are no longer included when 'update' is selected. Is this because they have now been given their own 'email' category and this is not an option in the filter dropdown? Thanks.

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@Victor Hi Victor, I do continue to have a slight issue in that now when I have 'Update' selected in the timeline filter drop down, system updates (such as a task being completed) show as well as comments. Is this a known issue? Thanks.

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@Victor Please see attached showing a new incident with the task shown as an 'update' and an old incident with the task shown as a 'task'. The task completion is showing as well as the comment because I have 'update' ticked in my timeline filters. Previously just the comment would have been shown. Its seems like internally the task completion has been re-classified as an 'update' - whereas previously it would have been classified as a 'task'.

I think this is also causing us to get duplicate notifications because we have 'Portal Update' selected under our user configs.



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