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Deleting users


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Hi @derekgreen

This message is quite literal, the User will have Tasks assigned!

If you open the Activities View from the right panel by clicking on My Activities

you will then be able to change the Group dropdown to User and specify an individual to view their Tasks

Note: You must be the User's Manager to be able to select them - this can be done by their Manager going to the View, or (as you intend to delete them anyway) by changing their Hornbill profile to show you as their Manager.

You can then reassign the Tasks (where necessary) based on the criteria under the Re-Assignment Rules section on the wiki page

If you have the Advanced Task Completer right then you will also be able to complete them if this is a better option.

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Our mistake - been using Hornbill for 5 years and always assigned to individuals. I don't understand why there are so many needing dealt with, all of the calls they refer to have been closed so I would have assumed that the tasks were completed.

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