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Banner dimension - Employee Portal


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Does anyone know the dimensions of the banner at the top of the employee portal. I know I can adjust the pixels to 170 but all that does is show me a section of the image. I would like to know the official dimensions so that I can design the image to fit rather than having it zoomed in on. 

The wiki gives an example dimension and when testing that it still wasn't right. 


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@Daniel Dekel I have looked at the wiki and it just says the below

"The Header Background can be configured to set the height and the color, or add a background image. The size depends on many factors like if the background is a pattern or if it has details, but to give general an idea; 1024 x 300 pixels. It can be of any web format such as JPEG or PNG"

I have tried the general idea dimensions and again it just gives a zoomed in view of the image even after i modify the image to be the exact dimensions listed 1024x300. It makes it very difficult to design a banner.

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That's because the size of the background image is not fixed. The Employee Portal will adapt to the screen size and the image will use 100% of the width of the browser. So the image size is an average size for an optimal view. The only image that can stay fixed to a size is the logo image.



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