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Reporting- Row limitation


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As there is limitation on amount of rows which can be moved to PowerBI reporting, is there a way to group by date ( either logged or resolved) and do a count  on the month within the date?

We would like trend ticket logged/ Resolved  monthly for the past 12 month, but currently as the volume of tickets increase we can only review 3 month at a time.



Kind Regards,



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@Joyce have you looked at the Measures in Advanced Analytics (if you have the module)?  this allows for the trending, date based and will allow for the creation of charts for the role based dashboards?


Then creating charts off these measures 


Alternatively you can use the request list - with the views, charts and personal dashboard for a chosen year:


Just use the view clause builder to build the logic for the view, and then create a chart based on either raised on or resolved on for example.

Hope that helps 


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