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SYSTEM ERROR when Setting Document review Dates

Ade M

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Good morning

When i try to set or cancel  a document review date in our Test instance  I get the following error:


FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.docmanager/flowcode/fc_ops/reviewDocument): nodeName: Cancel review; nodeId: a1180ea3-f256-4322-ae21-d9d9ec5bdb61; At 108/1: "Uncaught EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[apps/com.hornbill.docmanager::cancelReview] FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.docmanager/flowcode/fc_ops/cancelReview): nodeName: TaskDelete; nodeId: 704dac12-6d0d-498d-a5e4-e53c20190e0e; At 145/1: "Uncaught EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[apps/com.hornbill.core/Task::deleteTask] /apps/com.hornbill.core/entities/Task/fc_ops/deleteTask.js(2): error P1007: The required module was not found: /apps/com.hornbill.core/entities/Task/fc_modules/removeFile.js" throw(e); _fc_node_exec_704dac12_6d0d_498d_a5e4_e53c20190e0e" throw(e); _fc_node_exec_a1180ea3_f256_4322_ae21_d9d9ec5bdb61

Can some one please look into this as it is quite urgent


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