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Can't move ticket to a team in BPM

Ben Maddams

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I'm adding a HB automation node to move tickets through our Change Process, so when it hits CAB approval it automatically gets add to that team. I have the setup currently as such.



Things I've already checked

  • The Team Name matches the existing Team Name
  • The process continues and hits the next node, effectively skipping it.

Does anyone have any advise or has run into a similar issue?



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@Ben Maddams for this node to work the following are required:

  • the team parameter must have a value (based on screenshot it has)
  • the team value in this node needs to be different that the current assigned team on request (I assume they are)
  • the team value in this node is a valid team (I presume it is given the value is selected from a list)

If all above ok, the node will try and assign the team so unless the assignment fails for some reason (which we could check) then it should assign the request to that team.

The issue could also be with last point above, for some reason the BP might think that is not a valid team. You mentioned "The Team Name matches the existing Team Name", does this mean you checked the team exists in the Org Structure in admin tool and has the same team name as the one in the node?

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