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BPM Selection on Tickets Raised via API


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Good afternoon,

I wanted to know if it was possible to use an API to raise a new ticket in Hornbill, without selecting the ticket type or the BPM in advance?

Essentially, we would like to be able to review a request and then decide on which BPM to use (as we would do with emails). This is to prevent any errors through automation and to reduce the number of tickets raised per issue.

Kind regards,


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@aykut.boyraz the log request API requires the requesttype to be sent.



It is not essential to specify a BPM, but there is no mechanism in the UI for the user to change the request type, service or catalog item (which the BPM is normally tied too).

The only exception to this, is a BPM operation, which allows for the resetting of the tickets Service / Catalog Item and if desired the restarting of the associated BPM.

So potentially you could have an auto-task on the request (accessible via a custom button), which will allow the logged request to have it's service, catalog and BPM changed - but this does not extent to the request type, and also you would have to define in the auto-task what the service / catalog item is, you can't currently choose this via the user interface manually.   


Potentially you could have different custom button's visible on the request view (each with their own service / catalog item - but of course this won't scale well), but they can be used to change the service / catalog item and in turn their linked BPM.


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