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Hornbill Automations > Get Request - No "Customer Job Title"?


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Hi guys, 

In one of our Business Processes we make a decision on a the ticket requestors job title to decide whether or not what they have requested needs additional authorisation and if so will send an email to their line manager. 

This is working fine in the existing BPM with the "flowcode" entries in the expressions however when we have gone to add additional "OR" parameters we do not have an option to select Customer Job Title. Can anyone point us in the right direction? 




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@Jack_Podmore you can get to it, and evaluate the Job Title, but it's a couple of steps

1. Use a get Customer Info node - one of the output params is customerid

2Follow this with a Use a Hornbill Collaboration > Applications > Users > Get Users Details option and use the customerid from the output params in step 1 to identify the user you want the info for in the input params userid


One of the output params for this node is Job Title as shown in the image above, so you can follow that node with your decision node and branch accordingly.

Hope that helps


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@Steven Boardmanthanks for your advice on this. For some reason we are still struggling to implement this, slightly different we want to check the customers site but I believe its the same concept. 

We have a "Get Customer Info" node followed by an automation as per your step two above. We have tried with/without adding the customerID as the User ID as per below: 


We are then checking on the site within a spoke from a decision but for some reason this still isn't working: 


Do you have any more advice at all please? 

What we are trying to do is stop automated emails going to users "Managers" if they are part of a particular site. 





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Hi @Jack_Podmore sorry your having issues here.

I've attached a simple business process example which will:

1. Get Customer Info

2. Write the Customer Site to the Timeline

3. Branch off the Customer Site value - so if London it will go one way, and if not London it will go the other

Hope this helps to trouble shoot your process



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