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Documents shared to the Service - are accessible on Customer Portal but not Employee Portal

Martyn Houghton

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We have a document which is published to a library which has the 'Docmanager Portal' role assigned to it for Viewing.

The document is shared via the Library to a Service, so all subscribers to the service can view/download the document on the customer portal. 

However those who are subscribed to the service in the Employee Portal are not able to view/download the document if they are a full 'User' unless they are explicitly added as a named account to share it with.

It is not practical to share the document individually to the large number of internal users who are subscribed to the service, given at Document level you can only share to a User. The behaviour in the Employee Portal Documents should be the same as it is in the Customer Portal, where by the Library is shared with the service, all subscribers to the service should have the ability to view/download the linked documents.



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Hi @Martyn Houghton

The visibility of the library is dependent on what roles its shared with, so by sharing it with the Docmanager Portal role it will be visible to all users who have that role.  It seems your full users don't have that role but you could add a share to the library with the Collaboration role which all your full users should have (or the Basic User Role for your basic users).  This should mean that full users will be able to access the document from the employee portal 




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