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Please would it be possible for a response on the below issue we are having?

Originally we were advised "You can import asset relationships (e.g. server - software) into Hornbill using the script  from the WIKI and this will be displayed in the explorer

https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Database_Asset_Relationship_Import. The script currently picks up Hornbill asset manager as the data source but you can configure this to pull the lname and rname from your asset import source. "

However. my colleague has been trying the above and it does not appear to be working how they are expecting.  Is it possible to update the relationships in bulk via a spreadsheet and json file.  This is how we have currently imported new assets but there does not appear to be anywhere on the template to add the file that we want to get the query looking at.  On new imports there is a section

"AssetTypes": {

      "Server": "ComputerSystem_ServerTemplate.csv"

Here is the link to the original post. 

Thank you.

Kind Regards



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Hi @Ann,

You could always access the CSV file using the Database Asset Relationship Import tool via an ODBC data source, and write the query as appropriate to your data. See the DBConf details on the wiki page you've linked above for more information:




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