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Resellers and Support Providers - 2 Suppliers to 1 Contract?

Frank Reay

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I am currently analysing how to configure Supplier Manager.

The problem I have is that we use Resellers for purchasing most of our Support Contracts (provided through a Support Provider). Our Support Review meetings are a 3 way affair - us, the Reseller and Support Provider. Our Contract is with the Reseller but clearly we need details of 2 suppliers per contract as we go to the Support Provider for support. Obviously our Resellers may use different Service Providers based on our requirements for each contract.

I don't believe this is very unusual so how do people reflect this in Supplier Manager? I can't see how I can link 2 suppliers to 1 contract. We need to be able to report on assets as part of a Contract with a Reseller AND also assets supported by a Support Provider.

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I agree with @Frank Reay.  A good example is infrastructure hardware is often purchased from a reseller/partner however they take out support contracts on behalf of the purchasing firm (i.e. us) to enable them to meet their support obligations at vendor level.  Also we would like to see our Microsoft 365 CSP agreements held with CSP resellers.  However under another supplier "Microsoft" we would see an additional menu called "linked contracts" where this contract is listed.



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