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Downloading Request List Columns - response and resolve timer data question

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

We have today created a new request list view to output some data for a report where we want to show the Response / Resolve SLA set when the call raised, and then show the date Resolved / date Closed data. This is fine, however there are some columns I am struggling to understand the values shown on the report:

Resolve Time / Response Time - this appears to be showing just as a Numeric value. As an example we have a request Raised on the 19th October with a respond by date of the 5th November, with a resolution date of the 16th November. The request was responded to on the 1st November, and resolved on the 12th November. The Resolve / Response Time columns show a value of 61207 for the Response Time, and 273936 for the Resolve Time.

Within Response / Resolve Timer - this column shows a 0 and 1 as values. Using the same request this shows the Within Response Time and Within Resolve timer as 1 - I presume a 0 indicates failed to respond/resolve within time, and a 1 indicates we did respond within the defined times?

I have included a screen shot of one of the data records below:

Many thanks


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Hi Deen, Thank you I did suspect it was in seconds. I presume there is no way to output this in anything other than seconds?

Did you also try the 0/1 output on the within Response Time / within Resolve Time columns? Just wanted to confirm that a 0 means failed, and a 1 means success? 

Many thanks !

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

The within response and within fix columns store the value 1 if the target was met and 0 if it was breached. 

Further details about the columns available in the h_ itsm_requests table are found in  Home> Applications> Service Manager> Entity VIewer . 



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