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P1 & P2 incidents raised

Jamie A

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Good Morning,

I need your help please. How do we limit certain users who can have permissions to raise only P1 & P2 calls. Not happy for just everyone to be able to raise this.

Can this be developed if there is no feature on HB?



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Hi @Jamie A

If I understand correctly, you want to make P1 and P2 priorities available to a specific group of people and hide them from the rest?

This should be achievable, the starting point is how you intend to identify those Users. Once you have that in place you can choose to expose the Priority form on the Progressive Capture or not, or have a custom form that displays different options based on the Customer - either by branching and showing a completely different form or by putting conditions on the form to display a different selection.
Once you have the custom value as a Priority you can set the "actual" Priority in the BPM (which will then trigger SLA Rules if implemented)

I hope that's enough to get you started.


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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply

Yes that is correct we only want ICT Directors/ Assistant Directors/ Head's of Department within the ICT department.

Not sure how to identify those users. I may need help to show how to create this as there are many different Progressive captures!



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The variables available in Progressive Capture might be a little limited:

Unless you are prepared to list all ICT Directors, Assistant Directors, and Head's of Department and maintain that list on each ProCap whenever staff change that might not be practical.

On the other hand, you can still use a Custom Form to select a Priority and store that in a Custom Field, then apply the required priority based on both requested Priority and customer status once the Business Process starts. There is no requirement to expose your actual priorities on the Capture, so a Director marking a Request as "Urgent" could translate to a P2 where for another customer the same "Urgent" status could translate to a P3.

Additionally, if you are using SLAs, you can create Rules to auto-assign based on multiple criteria (including Custom Fields) so similar decisions could be taken there.


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@Jamie A 

As every customer creates their own priorities it would be impossible to do that with a role by default, so the only ways to do it are by restricting what the Customer sees in Progressive Capture, or by making decisions in the Business Process or the SLA Rules.

I've also remembered that you can see the User's roles by using the session variables in a Progressive Capture decision branch, so you can change what a Customer sees based on a Role in this way.


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