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Custom Button Error "The User 'Username' has the application privilege level 'basic'


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Which new role did you add?
Was it the same role for both the Users with this issue?
What are the differences in Roles between Users with the issue and those without?

What is the User doing to see this error? E.g. opening a Request with a Custom Button, creating a Button, Editing an existing button etc.


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I added a custom role called "BPM: Service Desk". 

This happens when the User opens a any Incident on Service Desk Manager. 

They are actually doing nothing with a button. 

I even checked the buttons that were present on that ticket and ensured they had access but none of my buttons are restricted. 

I have compared Users with and without and there is nothing between them. 

I have also reset to Basic and then User

I have also cleared the groups and then re added them. 



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