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BPM "Suspend - Await Expiry" not working


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I am unsure what I am doing wrong here.

I initially had this value as a date variable captured from the PCI. (Just added a time on the end)

I have now changed this to a manual entry just so I could try and get it working. 

I have tested in this format with the 2x Date/Times.

5 minutes into the future (I logged a ticket straight away and waited for the time. Nothing happened)

Random date last year (Was expecting this to just recognise the time has past and continue)

Any help would be great. 




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I don't know about Hornbill but with experience from other systems these things run at a schedule looking at did it happen "now" so don't set date in the past or too close in the future.
I usually set it 30-60min ahead and so far it's worked as expected.

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