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Request not found by member


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I found an issue when trying to link two tickets.

How to reproduce:
Request A is one owned by someone in my team.
Request B is one raised by me in a service which I do not support but by raising it as an analyst I become a member of request B.
Since request B needs to be resolved before I can continue with request A I want to link them.
So from request A I go to the link icon in the request and search for request B.

Since I'm not part of the supporting team for request B it's filtered out in the search but, since I'm a member of that specific request, I think I should be able to find it and be able to link it to request A and not being able to feels wrong.

I submitted this to the support portal but was told it's by design so I'll submit it here as an enhancement instead.

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Thanks for your post.

There is an existing setting that will allow this.  Keep in mind that this is a global setting, so if there are teams that manage secure or sensitive requests, it wouldn't be advisable to turn this on. It opens the search for all requests, not just if you are a member.  If you have a fairly open Service Desk between the teams than this may help.  


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