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  1. Several of our customers have requested that the "email customer on update" functionality be extended so that all contacts in the organisation which have "Organisation view" set to true, be emailed. Not only the request customer. Is this something that can/will be implemented.
  2. In the request list. When you have a custom view and set which columns will be shown. You are able to set custom column to be shown. Please make this possible in the standard "My Request", "I'm following", "I'm a member" etc. views as well.
  3. Hi Several of our customers have complained that the difference between the allowed and blocked dates for the datepicker control in progressive capture is too small. Only by hovering over the dates will they become aware that some dates are allowed and others not. Please make the not allowed dates a tad lighter and the allowed ones substantially darker and/or bolder. Thanks.
  4. When you send an email from within a request we would like the following improvements to the selection lookup list for email addresses. 1. allow filtering for customer organisation only 2. Order contacts alphabetically
  5. It would be helpful if the bookmarking feature in Hornbill would allow bookmarking external pages as well as internal. For example if a Forum Post has advice in a certain matter
  6. It's quite annoying being tagged in a ticket and getting a notification about it and then, when trying to access the ticket you are mentioned in you cannot access it because it belongs to another team/service. Would it be possible to either automatically be made a member of a ticket where you are tagged, or at least be given read only access to it regardless of ownership.
  7. When someone posts a url that is not immediately followed by a space character, the trailing character is included in the anchor tag and the URL breaks. If a customer for examle writes a sentence "Then go to https://www.hornbill.com." this will be codified as <a href="https://www.hornbill.com."</a> rather than the corrrect <a href="https://www.hornbill.com"</a>. The same with trailing apostrohes, quotation marks, commas and end parenthesis.
  8. We would appreciate if Request Category could be a column that is possible to display in the request list.
  9. With the upcoming CH00161063 Due Date for Requests (Excluding notifications) it would be really useful to allow human tasks created by the BPM to set due date of the task as a variable from that For example if a request is due on a specific date, then a human task is raised which is due on that date-5days. this would be really useful for those requests which involve a series of sub-tasks
  10. A nifty feature I've seen in another system is the email that was sent out contained the "It's working" and "It's still broken" feedback buttons. When pressed in the email it made som API call and applied the correct feedback to the correct ticket. Is this something that could be implemented in Hornbill SM as well?
  11. I found an issue when trying to link two tickets. How to reproduce: Request A is one owned by someone in my team. Request B is one raised by me in a service which I do not support but by raising it as an analyst I become a member of request B. Since request B needs to be resolved before I can continue with request A I want to link them. So from request A I go to the link icon in the request and search for request B. Since I'm not part of the supporting team for request B it's filtered out in the search but, since I'm a member of that specific request, I think I should be able to find it and be able to link it to request A and not being able to feels wrong. I submitted this to the support portal but was told it's by design so I'll submit it here as an enhancement instead.
  12. Would it be possible so the BPM node Get Request Information / Customer Details and Organisation Details can retrieve information from the Notes fields. That way we could use that information to post a notice if for example a customer has a disability or if there is important information on the organisation. Of course we can hide notes and add a custom field that's called notes and then get that info but we already have a lot of info in the notes fields so it would be a lot of extra work.
  13. With the information provided in the below ticket I would like to add a development request to be able to prevent customers from commenting on closed tickets in the customer and service portals.
  14. A nice feature in the request list would be to be able to search for "Is linked to" and then you enter a request ID. The list then filters down to all tickets that are linked to the one you entered and you could for example update them all simultaneously
  15. Sometimes you see a shared view you like and would like to use as a base for your own but if you are not owner you cannot see how the view is set up. Having 11 Teams in 8 countries it's hard to find the owner to ask. Would it be possible to somehow either be able to see who is the owner or to get a read only view of how the view is set up?
  16. It would be nice to be able to make a chart for ratings but to filter out all requests where rating is not set. Is this possible or can it be made possible. The number not set is so high in relation to the ones where it's set so the scale of the chart makes the others unreadable
  17. I nice feature would be to be able to let the BPM add the owner of the ticket as member automatically from a variable. Currently I can only find "add member" and hard coded choice of users in a drop down. The rational behind it is because we reassign a lot of tickets between teams globally and would like to keep track of them and be able to update even if they have been reassigned to another team.
  18. When linking requests the timeline is updated with something along the lines of: Request XX has been linked to this request Request_ID Request Subject To clarify things it would be good to have customer information included in this as well, displaying something like: Request XX has been linked to this request. Request_ID Customer_Y Request Subject The customer name should be a link to the customer so more information can be acquired.
  19. I can't seem to find a Cloud Automation method in Hornbill to add a new customer organisation (external organisation). Is this something that can be added please.
  20. If I send a link to a request to a customer who is not logged in, for example https://customer.hornbill.com/instancename/servicemanager/request/view/IN00000001 and they click on the link they are stopped by the login page (which is as expected), but after login the customer should be redirected to the request rather than having to search for it or look at their request list to find it again. This is the way Jira or Facebook work and is expected behavior nowadays. Please implement this feature.
  21. When creating request views there is very limited Organisation details allowed as criteria. Basically it's only Organisation is or is not. We would like to be able to choose City, Country, Timezone, and all Custom fields for the Organisation to be accessible as choices when creating a View in the request list.
  22. A nice feature to have would be the ability to email customer and linked ticket customers using a single email, much the way you can resolve them now. Additionally having this feature for timeline updates would also be a big usability improvement. So 2 new features requested. Email linked ticket customers and update linked tickets. Thank you
  23. Hello developers W would like the ability to add custom fields to an activity template when creating it. For example an extra date field or multiple text fields for different purposes
  24. To reduce clickiness and speed up user interaction it would be nice to have an "Assign to me" or "Take it" button on requests. This should be both on the request list and within the request itself. The problem I see is if an analyst is a member of multiple teams but the priority then should be that if possible - don't change teams, if neccesary - take one in the same way it's done in the BPM when assigning to variable.
  25. Hello Developers The ability to create activity templates is great. What would make it even more great would be to be able to set access permissions on them so they could be used by supporters of a certain service (or members of a certain team)
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