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Building up FAQ's for Employee Portal

Mark (ESC)

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We are creating our Employee Portal over the next month and one of the areas we need to build is FAQ.

The only YouTube video I can find is https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_FAQs but this seems to relate to an older HornBill Version.

Where in the Administration section do you create and assign FAQ's.


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@Mark (ESC) FAQ's are created against your services.


Once you have FAQ's created, they will appear on the relevant Service Page on the Employee Portal, for any employee who is subscribed too that service.



The FAQ's are also searchable via the search widget:


FAQ's can also be presented on the employee portal via the knowledge centre:


Finally as each FAQ has it's own unique URL, you can also create Link Widgets on your employee portal page to promote specific FAQ's


Hope that helps


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