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Hello Support

Can you please help me. I would like to see the logon Id in the overview from a Co-Worker search. Is that possible?

I can see it in the view of a customer in the request but not in the Co-Worker global search results view. Is there an option where i can setup the results for that search?

thanks and best regards






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Hi @Nikolaj,

Can you please clarify why you want to search against a Logon ID? 
The way I see it, the Logon ID is a personal property. What you should be looking is at either the name of the user of the Handle (the nickname) and that is already available in the search and the Co-Workers list.



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Hi @Daniel Dekel

Ok i try to explain. We need that information for some of our IT Business Process. We are also using this log on id for other applications and our Service Help desk has to copy this information in the Business process for some tickets. this would help them a lot. We are all ( from the IT department) know this information any why so this is not a security reason or something like that in our instance. It would be nice if my collegues and me could see that. I thought it is just a setting maybe in the service manager.

Best regards



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