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Ability to call the supplied contact number


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I have noticed that when a progressive capture collects a contact number for a user that number is treated as text rather than a contact number.

When looking at a request and picking the call option the contact number is provided from the user details and that's fine but as many are working from home at the moment it would be more useful to use the provided contact number.

The number can still be located in questions, copied and pasted into the respective telephony system but it would be even better if the provided contact number could be treated as the user's contact number by hyperlinking so that it can be dialled and populating in the customer's phone numbers section.

Apologies if there's something obvious that I've missed.

contact number.png

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You can configure the relevant business process to update the value in the Alternate Phone number field with the the answer provided in the progressive capture.

It is however important to check if the alternate phone number isupdated when the daily user import is run as this value may be overwritten at the next update.

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Thank you for the quick response.

I appreciate the advice, it looks like a temporary solution (ie until the next sync).

We are likely to have numbers provided that are single use only: personal numbers or numbers of someone who is with the user at the time, not a number we would like to store against the contact but keep against the individual request.

If it is not possible to present this information in the call section in the way highlighted above then it is best to leave it as it is.

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