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  1. @Malcolmwe have retrieved the log on the instance and restarted your dataservice. Can you confirm emails are being retrieved in Hornbill now? Thanks
  2. @Malcolm The message above suggests the Hornbill connection is working as expected. Could you check if there are any errors recorded when you navigate to the ESPMailService on your instance? Are you able to send emails out of Hornbill? Could you also confirm the origin IP specified in your firewall rules includes OR
  3. @MalcolmAre emails received in Hornbill now? Please click on the Test Connection button and let me know what message is displayed
  4. @Malcolm On your instance, please navigate to Home > System > Email > Shared Mailbox Click on the shared mailbox which is not receiving emails Click on the Inbound mail service under Inbound Mail Service On the Email service page displayed, please click on the Test Connection button and let me know what message is displayed.
  5. Hi @Malcolm Could you please provide a bit more context When did you first notice this? Has there been any recent modifications on your exchange server? Has there been recent modification to the inbound mail service configured on your Hornbill instance e.g. has the supplied credentials changed?
  6. Hi @Ann Trust you are good too. You can import asset relationships (e.g. server - software) into Hornbill using the script from the WIKI and this will be displayed in the explorer https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Database_Asset_Relationship_Import. The script currently picks up Hornbill asset manager as the data source but you can configure this to pull the lname and rname from your asset import source.
  7. Hi @James Gallally it appears the routing rule was the issue here. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  8. Hi @James Gallally the information you require can be stored in the timeline but will not be in a static location. The fields displayed in request information section are predefined.
  9. @James GallallyThe Incident Details section on requests is an analyst view. Customers can see the Summary of the request and the description but other fields are analyst specific. You can configure business processes to write the values in custom fields to the timeline where applicable. @Frank ReayPriority values can also be written to the timeline where applicable via the business process.
  10. @Dan Munns, could you please raise the following to our support team ? I can't seem to replicate them on my instance Docmanager Portal Setting Home organisation blank after saving
  11. Hi @Dan Munns, The following release notes detail the recent changes to basic users. https://community.hornbill.com/topic/19101-new-update-hornbill-admin-tool-1285/ https://community.hornbill.com/topic/19194-new-update-hornbill-admin-tool-1288/ https://community.hornbill.com/topic/19280-new-update-hornbill-admin-tool-1292/ Could you please provide details of the specific roles which do not work? The Home Organisation can be set from the drop down list of organisations (company). This list is filtered to show only the organisations the basic user i
  12. Hi @Aaron Carter Hornbill Service Manager (2022) which displays the historic update section on the Employee Portal is now live.
  13. @Aaron Carter being able to view the historic update section on a request will be available in the next service manager update. This will is currently being tested and expected next week.
  14. @Aaron Carter are you the customer on the request you are trying to view on the portal?
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