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  1. @Shamaila.Yousaf You can change the variable on your email template from {{.H_custom_22}} to {{.H_custom_22|formatLocalTime}}
  2. @Shamaila.Yousaf Date variables on email templates can be formatted with the modifier {{.datetimevariable|formatLocalTime}} Please see https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Email_Templates for more details.
  3. @Berto2002 Please see the https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Corporate_Service_Level_Agreements which makes reference to an FAQ with full details relating to expiry time configuration on business process nodes https://community.hornbill.com/topic/13775-setup-and-configure-timers-in-service-manager/
  4. @Berto2002 The screenshot showing the group association is as it it today and does not confirm what it was in August. I'd expect any request logged today to follow the no match route as the value being passed does not match the criteria i.e. VIP users is not equal to VIP.
  5. @Berto2002 Please review the expression. You do not have an organisation called VIP, so Organisational Group One ==VIP will not return a match and neither will any of the other org groups. This is why the outcome is no match. The expression should be Organisational Group One== VIP Users or Organisational Group One contains VIP Users
  6. @Nikolaj The customer menu item will be displayed for all users with the collaboration role . These users cannot have the menu item hidden.
  7. @Nikolaj Home and Customer menu items will be displayed for all users with the collaboration role. The Collaboration Role application rights allow viewing of contacts and organisations which is why you get menu item displayed.
  8. @Nikolaj The menu items displayed are based on the applications you have installed and the roles you have allocated to the user. For example, you see the timesheet menu item if you have a role associated with Timesheet Manager.
  9. @Everton1878 I guess 2 years worth of data exceeds the maximum number of rows permitted on reports. Please see https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Reports for more details .
  10. @AndyHillusers with Admin Role will have those buttons displayed.
  11. @AlexOnTheHill Have you tried https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Scheduled_Jobs ?
  12. Hi @Berto2002 The scheduled end date timestamp is missing from your process hence you are not getting the expected result. The decision nodes should evaluate Task should not be created if Current timestamp> Scheduled end date timestamp Task created if Current timestamp< Scheduled end date timestamp The cloud automation node should be configured as Note that the Starting time stamp on the Get Scheduled end date timestamp is the scheduled date value from the get req details Hornbill Automation node. The decision node evaluates the expression
  13. Hi @Berto2002 Could you confirm each cloud automation node in your process has a unique Result Reference?
  14. Hi @Berto2002 The timestamps for the scheduled end date and current timestamp are required. These values should be evaluated in the custom expression above (i.e. you should be comparing values from two cloud automation nodes ) The Add/Subtract determines what calculation you want carried out on the starting timestamp e.g. return value for 3 days prior to startingtimestamp or 3 days after startingtimestamp. In this case, you can set the value to Add and leave the time units blank Clicking on the help/info icon below provides more details.
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