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I am configuring the customer portal for contacts to raise requests and see guides, I have managed to alter the available settings to configure the look and feel. However I cannot find the appropriate setting to alter the text, button and background colours for service details. Unfortunately this looks unreadable with the current style so I need to alter this before launch, any help would be greatly received.





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Guest Mohamed

Hi @Jon Green

So the configuration for this is in the Admin Tool, if you follow through to the following:

Home > Applications > Hornbill Service Manager > Application Settings and use the prefix: '"guest.colour" giving various configuration options 


Hope that helps :)



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Thanks for your response but I have changed each one of these options in turn and I cannot get the "View Service" in green or the "0 Active Requests" to change colour. I am sure I am missing something and would be grateful if you could help further.

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