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Specifiy user account type on ldap import

Mark Priest

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I have been trying to find a way to automatically add the user account type as Basic or User when the ldap import occurs. I have tried putting a custom field in the user type to look at AD when it does the import but this then fails to do the new user import. If i set the default to basic then it over writes any accounts set as User to basic and locks their ability to use access and action tickets raised. The only way i have managed to get round this is to exclude users in an other OU so they are not part of the Ldap import. I cannot do this for all staff we want setting up with User accounts and not basic accounts as we have various group policies in place in different OUs. Likewise dont really want to be do mulitple ldap imports. Is there any way round this so when new users are added or people changed from Basic to User the ldap import recognises this. Using the attribute just seems to stop the User type being added but throws up errors and stops new users being imported



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Under the User Options tab for the import setting it to create only and not update is the only way round this that I can see, as the User Type field will only accept a value of 'basic' or 'user'.

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Hi Thanks for the information. However when the LDAP import runs it puts all users back to basic. 

Does this mean that I have to run a separate one to put inividual users back to User? Also it removes all the other rolls such as service assignee etc 



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