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Warning Pop Up Window for VIP / Executive Staff

Adrian Simpkins

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My apologies but I am sure I have posted about this previously but could not locate it in my history!

On SupportWorks we had the ability to configure a small warning message pop up window that we could associate to our VIP / Executive Team Members which was extremely useful for highlighting the importance of the request when ever an Analyst accessed the request. I believe when I raised it previously I was advised this is not possible in Service Manager, so I wanted to ask if it is something that can be / is being looked at as an enhancement please? It would be really useful as a visual reminder to our Analysts as they are missing this even though it is detailed in the Customer's details.

Many thanks !

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Guest Ehsan

@Adrian Simpkins,

We're currently implementing a feature that provides the option to add Notices to a Request, this can be achieved automatically (i.e. via the BPM) or manually. This is on our 90-day development window and we're hoping to make it available in the coming weeks.


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What you should be able to do is if you use one of the custom fields on a user to specify that they are a VIP,  the BPM of a request can check for this value and automatically add a notice to the request.  This will put a very visible banner across the top of the request to make sure it isn't missed when someone views the request. 

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