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Additional fields for Supplier Contracts


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We are in the last stages of being able to move our contracts DB into Hornbill so they are all linked to their relevant Supplier and Assets (CMDB Goals!!)

However, even with the 11 custom fields we are run out of fields. I believe this could be overcome by:

1. create more standard fields

2. offering more custom fields

Though if 1 was achieved then 2 may not be required. Can I suggest, as a standard set of fields (much like on the asset table). As these can be easily made visible/not visible on the contract per instance I believe this will offer all your customers a better option for their contract DB.

1.Fields that should be available as standard in addition to those already present:

Basic Details:

Used By

Owned By

Type (could be a maintenance contract, or a licence renewal etc


Contract start date

Contract end date

Renewal start date (a 3 year contract may still need annual renewals for licence true up etc, like with a MSEA)

Renewal end date

Cancellation Notice Period

Financial Information:

Order Number

Invoice Number


Cost Centre

Acq. method

Payment Type (PO, CC, International, etc)


Budget holder

2. Additional Custom Fields

It would be useful to have more custom fields, especially for date and decimal entry. As an organisation we have a need to record split costs as well as recording the set budget amount. 

As per the Date section above, if these cannot be included as standard fields we would need date custom fields in addition.

Happy to answer any questions or clarify our requirements, but essentially I am to look at it form a generic point of view for all organisations and then we can then use custom fields to fit our needs.

Many thanks

(Sorry Alex, I guess this will fall you too :))



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@stepghg thanks for your post and thank you for all the information!

Let me take this back to our product team. Ideally, if we can add as many of these fields as we can by default, that will be the best case and still give you the flexibility to add your own data with the custom fields. 

I'll come back to you on this if that's ok.


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