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Start/Stop the clock not working


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Hello. Since the recent Timesheet update the start/stop the clock function has stopped working.. This has added a huge overhead to completing activities for the team. My IT Stores analyst describes it as follows:


"Before the update you could start the timer from an Activity, and it would automatically update into your time sheet. But since the update it seems you now have to go out of the activity and into the timesheet and start the time. Then do the activity and then back into the time sheet and stop it. This is on every Activity that I get, working in the stores I can get from 5 to 20 activities in the morning to complete, which is going to take me some time to do jumping in and out to complete the activity with the timesheet timer set this way. But it will be good when my activities drop off after the morning rush, I can start the timer when I am completing other tasks I carry out within stores, that are not generated activities. So may I suggest that the timer is reinstalled onto activities and update automatically into the timesheet, but also left as an ad hoc timer to be able to start for non activities from the timesheet as they have done on the update please. I may have got this wrong but would you be able to check with Hornbill if this is the case, thank you."

If we are doing something wrong please let us know, but if it has been removed please can it be re-instated as the start stop option to add time is critical to users like stuart who plough through multiple in quick succession.

Many thanks, Steph


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