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It's a day ending in y, so that must mean another department to on-board!

Our next willing participant in using Service Manager is our 'Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre' so the first question was is the portal/back office accessible?

I have run a screen reader over the PCFs on the portal and this rudimental judge worked but wondered if there is something from Hornbill that was more official?

The members of staff and students will be using all of the system to varying degrees and wanted to make sure that we can offer the best solution to our customers.

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@Conor reading this it infers that there is somewhere people how control over the contrast etc in settings to change to a higher contrast setting, but I cannot find this in the analyst or portal settings.

Is this something we need to turn on?

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@Jeremy I believe these settings are browser based, such as a contrast extension in chrome. 

The only setting I'm aware of within a Hornbill user profile is to enable dark mode, and I cannot find anything extra in the Hornbill admin settings. 

As Hornbill is fully web based I believe any browser based accessibility extensions will work with Hornbill. 

I have asked the team in charge of the WCAG compliance the question as well, so if there is any change to that we will update here. 

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