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Old deactivated BPM’s won’t delete

Jamie Talbot

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Hi All,


There are a few BPM’s that I create a while ago that are not used anymore that I cannot delete. Does anyone have a solution to deleting them?

Below shows the error I get when trying to delete them.





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Hi Jamie,

This message will normally be displayed when you have requests that are using this particular workflow and they have not yet completed the workflow.  

It is possible to trace this back to find out which requests these are.  

Using the Manage Executed Processes on the list of Service Manager BPMs in Administration...


You should be able to get a list of BPM Instances that are still active.  In this example, I have used the filter to list of BPM Instances that used the BPM workflow, and then I selected In Progress for the status.  


For newer requests, the Ext. Reference  will be populated with the request ID which will make it easy to locate these requests.  However, for older requests, this field will most likely not be populated so you may need to take the BPM ID in the first column and search on this using the Database Direct feature in admin.   The BPM Id will be stored in a field called h_bpm_id on the h_itsm_requests table.  Once there are no more In Progress or  Suspended BPM instances for that workflow, you will be able to delete that workflow.

Hope that helps.



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