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Fairly Urgent | LDAP User Import Issues

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I've come to realise that I think since moving to the centralised LDAP service last year that roles are not being applied to newly added users.  As a consequence I have a lot of users unable to access the employee portal which I want to go live with.  I have tried to rectify this as below but doesn't appear to be applying the roles?


Please can someone help me with this?  The sync service is still adding users and updating attributes without issue.

Regards and thanks,


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25 minutes ago, Victor said:

@Michael Sharp is that the Self Service User and Basic Role in your screenshot not being applied to newly imported users?

First think we would need to check is if you are using the latest version for the LDAP Import tool? https://github.com/hornbill/goLDAPUserImport/releases/latest

Thanks for the response @Victor.  The rule is not applying to either added or existing users.  Have updated the LDAP client and will see what happens at 13:00 (my next sync cycle).


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5 minutes ago, Victor said:

@Michael Sharp the logs seems empty as it does not have DEBUG enabled. Can you enable this and run it again, the logs should have more this time but don't post it here as it most likely contain user data...


Mine is already set to as yours is above?  Is this correct?


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