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Routing rule not logging a ticket


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I have a very simple rule that should create a ticket if it has "SentToBSS" in the body of the email.  I have set the routing rule to body LIKE "%SentToBS%"

But it doesn't do process the ticket the emails just stays in the inbox and doesn't process it.  I have some other very similar ones that do work but can't work out why it doesn't process this.

I've read Victor's tips here 

But it still doesn't work any help would be much appreciated



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@HGrigsby it could be be a variety of reasons from autoresponder not being enabled to incorrect expression, email not met the criteria or having rules with higher precedence (order) that process the email instead of the rule you mentioned... can't say with the info provided what the reason is... I suggest raising a support request so we can look in your instance at the overall configuration and examples to see why this is the case...

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To wrap this up, following the investigation on the support request that was raised we established the reason why the routing rule did not raise a request was because the email address of sender matched more than one record in Hornbill, scenario in which request is not created. Here is a more comprehensive list of such scenarios: 


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