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Extending on hold time on a request, when a ticket is already on hold in Hornbill Service Manager?

Adam Toms

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Hello all,

I've browsed through the community regarding various on hold requires in Hornbill Service Manager but I couldn't see anything raised for this particular topic. So I'll apologies in advance if this has been mentioned before and I've missed it.

Occasionally there is a requirement to extend the request ticket on hold time, to a ticket that is already on hold.

The only way to extend this at the moment, is to take the ticket off of hold and to then place on hold with a longer date.

Has anybody been able to find a way to do this?

I've also found that you can click on the on-hold time stamp, but it doesn't do anything, it would be nice if it were possible to amend the timings through this function.

I presume this is due to limitation we have in the buttons in the attached screenshot, as there isn't an icon we can enable at the top of the request in the on hold state.

Thanks in advance.


On hold button states.PNG

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Hello @Adam Toms

When placing the request on hold, the timers are paused, it allows you to add a reason for why the request is being placed on hold & the time that you wish for it to come off hold.

If, the on hold time needs to be changed/extended  then the only way to do this, is like you said and is take the request off hold and then place back on hold with a longer date &  including  the reason why the on hold period has changed. 

Many thanks, Nanette.


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