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Strangeness in one Users Edge browser when updating a request in the Update action button

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

Bit of a strange one, but one of my Users is having a weird response to values entered into the Update action button in requests.

She is entering any text and after pressing carriage return to the next line, the 1st Character is deleted from the 1st line?

Example: I entered some generic Text like 'Hi Customer', then hit the carriage return to move to the next line, however the 1st character appears to be removed when doing this so the 1st line then reads 'I Customer'. I have checked to see if it was relating perhaps to the auto complete settings on the Browser but could not see anything obvious when I checked here. Tested this on her IE browser and we are not seeing the same issue, so it appears to be just when she uses Edge.

Any ideas?

thanks !

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