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Stage Note - can it be 'assigned' to a node?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

We're going through a bit of a project where we're trying to document all of our services and processes for all of the service owners in our business. 

We're struggling when it comes to documenting the BPM. We don't want to give the Service Owners direct access to the BPM designer, so we're trying to get a printout of each BPM which we can add in PDF format to our Service documentation. We're finding that, as long as we're careful and diligent in naming each node when we create the BPM's, we can get a fairly decent visual walk-through of each process by looking at the names of nodes or decision options.

However, what we think would be handy is an 'improvement' on the Note option  in the designer. Although we CAN add notes, these don't correspond to any specific node and, if the nodes are moved around, we have to remember to move the note around too so it's in the right place on the canvas to make any sense. 

What we'd like to propose that a new note option is created which can be pinned to a specific node and which can be expanded or collapsed based on a setting (perhaps in the stage settings?) so that, if the node that it's attached to is moved, then so is the note so that, when the stage is printed, it helps to make sense of the process.


Would that be possible please?


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Hi @Paul Alexander,

Should be possible, i am just thinking how best to do the actual pinning mechanism. Maybe work out 5 closest nodes and then in note title have a pin icon, that, when clicked gives you a drop list of those closest 5 nodes and you can choose which one to pin too. It is that or just drag a connection to a node and on doing so it pins (the connection does not persist on the canvas though). You can then break pin by just clicking pin icon which will then allow you to draw another connection to pin to another node.

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